how to remove a bees nest

how to remove a bees nest Spring and summer weather increases bee activity and the likelihood that they will come in contact with humans. If you find a bee nest on your property, or near your house, you may be able to remove it if it’s relatively small. The first step is to buy insecticide…

how to remove a wasps nest

How to Remove Wasp Nests from Your Home With spring finally here, many homeowners have to deal with the presence of wasp nests on their property. Wasp nests are a nuisance at best, and if there are small children or people with bee sting allergies in your home, these pests can pose a legitimate threat….

how to control bees and wasps

how to control bees and wasps Bees and wasps can easily become a problem if they start building nests in and around homes. Although both have their uses in nature, their presence in human environments can be problematic. Social wasps, like hornets, paper wasps and yellow jackets are particularly problematic due to their aggressive tendencies….

how to control mosquitos

How to Keep Mosquitoes Under Control Mosquitoes are unwanted pests. Having them around usually makes people feel annoyed, irritated and in some cases downright scared. With all the news about the diseases these pesky insects bring, people just do not want to be bothered with mosquitoes at all. If you have a mosquito problem on…