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Mice Control – Mouse Exterminator  

One of the most common rodents to terrify homeowners with their unexpected presence is the mouse. Chances are you have already experienced the feeling of seeing a mouse scuttle across your living room, kitchen or bedroom and although they are not necessarily dangerous, it’s still a weird sight to see.

Mice are extremely creative creatures that can find a way into a property through the tiniest or most obscure of entries. It can often leave you scratching your head wondering how they got into your property in the first place.

If you have recently seen a mouse in your home and you are too nervous to remove it yourself, it’s probably time to pick up the phone and give your local mouse exterminator a call.

 What Exactly Does a Mouse Exterminator Do?

Mice love to build a new home for themselves inside new properties that they can worm their way into. If you don’t do anything about it, it won’t be long until the little rodent has his friends and family around to live their too.

A mouse exterminator will do a few different things for you. Firstly, they will find and remove the mouse or mice from your home. Once they are removed, they will lay traps and poison in order to exterminate any others that may have been hidden or new ones that somehow make their way into your property again.

Finally, they will evaluate your property in order to find any suspect places that the mice were using as their entry point. They will give you advice on how to reduce the chance of a mouse infestation happening in the future.

Mice Control Service in Deer Park

How Much Does It Cost For a Local Exterminator For Mice?

The cost of removing a mouse or mice from your home will vary massively depending on your exact situation. Is there more than one mouse in your property? Do you need the holes filling for you? How many traps will you need in each room?

You can expect to pay anywhere up to $500 for a complete mouse extermination service. It might sound like a lot to pay up-front, but it’s a job that needs doing properly in order to prevent it from happening again in the future. Mice control isn’t an easy job so it’s always better to leave it up to the pros.

Mouse Removal vs Mouse Extermination 

There really is no difference between mouse removal and mouse extermination. You will sometimes come across both of these terms, but they are essentially the same thing. Some companies may advertise “mouse removal” as the action of simply removing a mouse from your house but the chances are they do the exact same type of work as a company or person that advertises themselves as a mouse exterminator.


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